Jens Svane Boutrup


"Those to whom evil is done
Do evil in return.”


Evil is based on a novel by the acclaimed Swedish writer Jan Guillou and has been adapted for the stage by Benny Haag. Originally produced at Dramaten in Stockholm, where it ran for 5 successful years, Evil has continously toured Scandinavia with more than 700 performances to date. The film based on the novel was nominated for an Oscar as best foreign language film in 2004.

Evil is the story of a boy’s struggle with violence and evil. Having been beaten systematically by his father, the boy has learned about violence and how to fight. He is sent to a boarding school where the students are responsible for disciplining each other. There he experiences the terror regime that has erupted and has to decide whether to fight back or to surrender, with his father’s shadow looming over him. A thrilling and disturbing journey into the land of violence and evil, posing tough moral questions.

Directing and translating Evil is Brooklyn College Alum Jens Boutrup, this being his fourth Scandinavian US premiere. Evil is performed by Ian Wen who has performed at La MaMa ETC, Medicine Show, The Public and with In Parenthesis Theater and the New York Philharmonic.

This first US production of Evil premiered at 78th Street Theatre Lab in New York City with ten performances in June 2004. The production of Evil was made possible with support from the Swedish Consulate General of New York.


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