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To learn more about my translations of the following Danish plays, please contact the publisher Nordiska Strakosch Teaterförlaget at: or take a look at their website:

Translations in English (US):

  • The Guitarists (Guitaristerne) by Line Knutzon, coming soon...
  • Service Suicide (Service Selvmord) by Christian Lollike, 2007
  • The Work of Wonder (Underværket) by Christian Lollike, 2006
  • Sweet Heavens (Milde Himmel) by Henrik Prip and Christian Baltzer, 2005
  • The Sound of Clouds (Lyden af Skyer) by Juliane Preisler, 2005
  • Party (Party) by Kim Fupz Aakeson, 2004.
  • Soon The Time Will Come (Snart Kommer Tiden) by Line Knutzon, translated 2004.
  • The Bereaved (De Efterlevende) by Bo Hr. Hansen, translated 2004.
  • Evil (Ondskan) by Benny Haag – From Swedish to US English, 2004.
  • K (K) by Martin Tulinius, translated 2003.
  • Mark of Cain (Kains Mærke) by Morti Vizki, translated 2002.
  • First You're Born (Først Bli´r Man Jo Født) by Line Knutzon, translated 2002.

Translations in Danish:

  • Urinetown (Urinetown) - lyrics, 2006
  • Lilleskoven (Lilleskogen) by Jesper Halle – from Norwegian into Danish, 2005.


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