The Littlewoods, 2003

The US Premiere of The Littlewoods, by Norwegian Playwright Jesper Halle, opened at the New Workshop Theater at The Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts in december 2003.  


The Littlewoods explores the world of 10 kids in a playground and how they react when one of their playmates is abused by a man. The play features no adults and gives a thrilling and chilling view of how this group of kids cope with the abuse.  

The Littlewoods won the first price in The Wilhelm Hansen Foundationís Playwrighting competition 2001. The price was motivated with these words:

ďWith The Littlewoods we have been given a play that both moves and revolts us, a play that grabs us and makes us think, ask ourselves what we really remember or donít remember or donít want to remember of our own childhood. Itís a play that leaves nobody untouched.Ē


Photos by Victor Hoshiko


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