First You're Born, 2002

"Six characters in search of the right way around the mulberry bush". This might be the best way of describing Danish playwright Line Knutzon's charming play, First You're Born, a fairytale comedy in which three sets of neighbors and one soon to be ex-girlfriend stumble out of their apartments and into the present. There will be cake and sparklers, tea and tango, a three-legged table, and the obligatory knife fight, as these ugly ducklings learn, you don't have to be a swan to fall in love.


A translation of the Danish play that won the playwright, Line Knutzon, the Reumert Award for best playwriting, this production is a wonderful introduction to contemporary scandinavian theatre.
First You're Born US premiered at The New Workshop Theatre at Brooklyn College, New York, featuring: 

Carlos Caldart, Donald P. Flores, Christina Harris, Megan Schmidt, Ian Wen & Joscelyne Wilmouth.

Translation and direction Jens Boutrup

Photos by Victor Hoshiko


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